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Sea Fishing Rigs

Comprehensive selection of useful sea fishing rigs with basic instruction as to their use and construction ideal for around Abersoch and the LLyn peninsula.

  • Set of Feathers

    (BOAT) Sets of feather are used to create the image of a small shoal of fish which the likes of Mackerel and Pollock will feed upon. You can improve your chances of a larger bonus fish by instead of using a lead weight, replacing it with a light pirk or a Bass wedge, this then giving the impression to the fish that the wedge or pirk is chasing the feathered lures and the larger fish will attack the wedge. The choice of feather type lures is immense, try to match the lure with what your target fish are feeding on and always remember that a small hook will catch a big fish but a big hook won’t catch a small fish!! Really small sets of feather rigs are called Sabikis the hook size on some rigs can go down to as small as a size 12 or 14, used for targeting bait fish, i.e. sandeel

  • Plastics Spinner rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) Plastic baits are designed to mimic bait fish which the larger predators are feeding on. These plastic baits can come in the form of Shads, Eels, Jelly Worms all of them in 100’s of colours. Try to match the baits and colour to what you think your target fish are feeding on. The weight that you use for this rig needs to be as light as possible, if the weight is to heavy your chosen lure wont work correctly (wont look natural going through the water) when your retrieving and working the bait

  • Float Rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) A great method of catching our local Bass, Pollock, Wrasse and Garfish. Fish as shallow as 4ft deep using sandeel or ragworm as bait for the Bass, and deeper for the Pollock, ideal depth is to have your bait about 1mt above the sea bed. Let your float run in the tide until its all most out of sight them slowly retrieve your rig quite often fish will hit your bait as long as you’re not winding in too fast.

  • Running ledger rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) The most simple beach and boat rig in the world and it works great here, on the beach fitted with a light weight (2 or 3oz) and a medium size sandeel it is ideal for the Bass and the odd Turbot fished at short range. On the boat this versatile rig can be used whilst drifting or at anchor, either with your bait hard on the bottom of the sea bed or up in the water if using a light weight targeting the Bass near the rough ground area or in sandy bays.

  • Pulley Rig

    (BEACH) A long distance rig used on the Llyn to target Bass, Bull Huss, Rays and our winter Codling. As the fish takes the bait the weight is lifted off the sea bed usually self hooking the fish, and pulls the weight tight up your line avoiding snagging when you are reeling in your fish. 2/0 hooks with sandeel are an idea combo for this area.

  • Spinner Rigs

    Work on the same principal as the Plastic Spinner rig, except that if there is enough weight in the spinner itself you may well be able to do away with the weight which in turn will allow your spinner to work more enticingly.

  • Surface Controller Float rig

    (BEACH) This rig is used to target fish that are high up in the water chasing small white bait near the surface. A light spinning rod and reel with 10lb line is ideal, try fishing when there a bit of movement in the tide this will increase your catch rate, Garfish, Mackerel and School Bass are your main target fish with this method, try drifting your float near a structure i.e. rocks or water inlet as these will be fish holding areas

  • Sea Boom rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) This rig can be used with either 1, 2 or 3 hooks all fished hard on the sea bed. The boom itself is used to avoid tangling the rig whilst being lowered to the sea bed, or cast short to medium range on the beach. This is a rig which can be used for all species in the area, try using a plain weight on the beach and let the rig roll in the tide. Ideal for small fish i.e. Bream, Dabs, Flounder, Eels and Whiting

  • Single Hooked Clipped Paternoster rig

    (BEACH) A long range rig normally used over clean ground, match the hook size on the rig to the fish size you are targeting, size 2/0 with a whole med sandeel is ideal for the Llyn area. Once your hook has been baited up and secured with bait elastic the hook is then clipped behind the black impact shield which holds the hook tight in place until the weight hits the water and the hook is released with your undamaged bait.

  • Flapper Rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) An all round rig, using hook sizes from 6 to 2/0 depending on what species you are targeting or what bait you are using. It can be used with either 2 or 3 hooks. This rig can be used either from the beach or from the boat if targeting Bream during the summer months or Whiting from autumn through to spring.

  • Tope rig

    (BOAT) Big fish rig, we recommend that you use 200lb mono for your rigs as we feel that an all wire trace is going to damage the Topes body if the fish rolls. A short length of 100lb wire is ideal or a full rig of heavy mono. Hook size should be from 5/0 to 8/0 depending on the size of your bait. If the Tope has taken your bait deep into its mouth, just cut your line, the fish will soon shed the hook and there’s no damage done to the fish. (Never kill a Tope, you can’t eat it so please put it back safely)

  • 1 Up 1 Down Rig

    (BEACH & BOAT) This rig works very well in the Llyn area, as per the description this rig gives you 1 hook up from your weight and 1 hook down from your weight, you are in fact targeting 2 different types of fish, those that feed hard on the bottom and those which feed off the bottom. Always start by using different baits on each hook to see which bait the fish are feeding on. On a beach this rig is used for short to med range, try using a plan weight and let the rig slowly roll in the tide, looking for the fish! And remember never let your rig roll into another anglers fishing area!!

  • Rotten Bottom

    (BEACH & BOAT) There term “Rotten Bottom” has nothing to do with the morning after a good curry. It refers to a week link between your rig and your weight. This rig can be used in conjunction with most beach and boat rigs. Only used if you are fishing over rough ground, the idea being that its only your weight that gets snagged on the bottom and not your rig and fish. The short length of line between your rig and weight needs to be at least 50% less than your reel main line. If you are going to fish a rough ground area try using old spark plugs as your weight, cheaper than a lead weight.