If you love fishing and are looking for a new experience, you should consider visiting the Llyn Peninsula in North Wales. You will find freshwater lakes, seawater and rivers, so whether you love fishing in small spaces or huge water bodies, there is always something for everyone.

Sea Fishing

Sea fishing is a popular sport in the Llyn Peninsula. Pwllheli is an excellent base to do sea fishing along the harbour of the Peninsula. Porth Lago in the South West is also another area that you can try out if you are interested in sea fishing. There are different kinds of fish species that you can catch, including dabs, pollack, dogfish, mackerel, black bream, flounder, bass, and gilthead bream. Sea fishing is preferred mostly by people who are more experienced in fishing. You need to do research to know the kind of fish species you are allowed to fish in Llyn Peninsula, and poisonous fish species that you should be on the lookout for.

River Fishing

There are many rivers within the Llyn Peninsula, including the Rivers Dwyfach, Soch, Rhydhir and Erch. It is the Rivers Erch and Dwyfach that are known for angling. The best time to go fishing along these rivers is during the summertime. If you want to add some salmon to your list of species that you want to catch, then you should stay from mid-September through to October. Anglers who want to add some adventure to their expedition should extend their travels to Lake Cwmysdtadllyn that has plenty of wild trout.

For you to have a good fishing experience at the Llyn Peninsula, you should spare some time to do your research so that you know the best location for the specific kind of fish you are looking for. You should also consider working with a fishing guide who will be able to help you identify the best place to fish based on your level of experience and preference.