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Fishing Bait

Bait is available at a number of local shops including Courts newsagents in Abersoch



SandeelThis is the most popular bait here in Abersoch, it has accounted for almost every species here in the Llyn. It can be fished either as a bottom bait or float fish with devastating effect for the Bass.




SquidA very versatile bait which can be use whole for our larger species, Tope, Huss and Rays  Or cut into thin sections and used inconjunction with other baits to form a cocktail, and used on its own for our visiting shoals of Bream



MackerelAnother versatile bait that can be used whole for our larger species or cut into sections or fillets.  Freshly caught mackerel is a not only a great bait it tastes good too!



RazorfishCan be found on some of our local beaches after a good storm washed up on the tide line or you can pick them up at low water by salting for them.  A great bait to use after a good storm as the sea is starting to settle down, ideal for Bass, Rays, Huss and Dogfish




RagwormGood quality ragworm is hard to come by here on the Llyn but if you bring your own I think you’ll be surprised by the results. Either fished on the float or on a rolling ledger rig.



LugwormThere are 2 types of lug, Black lug which can be frozen and is stocked in the shop, ideal used in small sections for Dabs, Flounder, School Bass and Codling in winter.
The other type of worm is blow lug which you can find on a few of our beaches on the Llyn. School Bass love fresh blow lug as do our Bream, fished on a 2 or 3 hook flapper rig.



CrabPeeler crab is a great bait on the west side of the Llyn for all species from spring with the early run of  Codling through to our late summer Bass. Its works well on the east side of the Llyn only if you are fishing close to a rocky outlets that tends not to have a fresh water inlet near by!

Frozen baits are available all year round, either Ammo or Frozen Devon Baits

We stock:  4 sizes of sandeel, lug (pack of 10), mackerel (pack of 3) and  squid (pack of 5)  Local Razorfish are sometime available as is Peeler crab.

We will be looking to extend our range of baits and introduce fresh baits in 2013